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"Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2012
  CMIYC 2012 has ended! Team Hashcat is the winner!  
The contest has ended. Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated!

The final results are:

1st place ($600): Hashcat with 3,265,766 total points.

2nd place ($300): john-users with 3,106,777 total points.

3rd place ($100): InsidePro Team 2012 with 2,112,490 total points.

In addition, 17 of 37 possible encrypted file challenges were cracked, resulting in $1,105 total in donations to EFF and/or Child's Play (winner's choice). We will finalize the winners of the encrypted file challenges later.

The Teams That Competed

Scoreboard and Statistics

CMIYC Twitter feed

Introduction and Rules

How to Register (The contest is over.)

How to Submit Cracks (The contest is over.)

Press FAQ

Pictures from our table at DEFCON
Hint: pay attention to the T-shirt.

Download the challenges data file bundle
32,454,461 bytes
MD5SUM 3cc588648e62b753b38bb24630d3b604
SHA1SUM 8790bf35d3d126b6aea6044f72f6b51080801e83

Download the password hash file bundle
3,855,439 bytes
MD5SUM 758eec6a8be122cd1d9df5fd13b49ac0
SHA1SUM a296c0ab2200fba44faad4632db39c89556b213a

PGP key for submissions (The contest is over.)

PGP key for a human (defcon-2012-contest@korelogic.com)

You can also check out past years' contest pages:
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Here is the DEFCON forum for the contest.


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