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"Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2012
  CMIYC 2012 has ended! Team Hashcat is the winner!  
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The following summarizes the teams that competed this year. We will flesh this out, and add detailed pages for each team which will be linked below.

Final Score Team Name Active Members CPU Cores (est) GPU Chips (est) Primary Tools
3,265,766 Hashcat 19 83+ 54 oclHashcat*, disthc, custom scripts, Passcovery Suite, John the Ripper
3,106,777 john-users 21 ~250 9 John the Ripper, Cryptohaze Multiforcer, custom scripts
2,112,490 InsidePro Team 2012 ~20 76 25 EGB, Passwords Pro, *Hashcat*, John the Ripper, cRARk, AOPR, ARPR, ULM
1,592,624 bindshell-dot-nl        
1,345,052 Blow Cane        
1,260,025 Anachronistic        
1,112,456 16Systems 1 ~10 none John the Ripper, Word Machine, TCHead
736,995 iCantBelieveItsNotButter        
224,526 Sexy_Flaming_Pegasus        
124,944 athena        
112,450 stillnotappearingatdefcon        
9,578 the_freshman        

A + on a resource typically means that there were some part-time members or hardware in addition to the full-time resources.


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